My mom passed away, and I couldn't maintain the property anymore. The property needed lots of work. A young guy name Jay came ove and we sat down and talked for over an hour. It was a good talk; we agreed on a price, but I wasn’t sure about the sale. Jay told me there is no pressure and to call him up when I’m ready. After 3 months my wife said that there is no reason to keep the property and we should sell it. I Called Jay to ask if he would still honor the offer, and after he said yes, we closed after only 3 weeks.

Devon W. Willamsbridge Bronx

Devon W. Willamsbridge  Bronx

I couldn't not use the stairs anymore so I called us Prime Real Estate to make an appointment. A friendly fellow showed up, and we discussed the price, and after 3 weeks we closed. I was scared to commit at first, but after talking to the consultant I felt more comfortable.

Frank And Florence R. Cypress hills, Brooklyn

Frank And Florence R.  Cypress hills, Brooklyn